Democracy Needs You!

Caucus with a Purpose

Caucus Registration

When you go to caucus, you’ll be joining thousands of Utahns showing up to save our democracy this year. Do you find politics nearly unrecognizable? Surreal? Four political parties meet on March 5. At each caucus meeting, neighborhoods choose delegates to represent them at conventions. The state of politics reflects the extremist caucus attendees who knew to show up in the past. Thousands of Utahns who are fed up with insanity are showing up this year. Your presence could make the difference in your precinct. 

Caucus with purpose in 2024.

Keep Democracy Alive: Caucus with a purpose

Your vote is more meaningful at caucus than at any other time for the next two years. Bring your values to caucus on March 5, 2024 

  • Caucus Night is held once every two years. 
  • You and your neighbors elect delegates to represent your values.
  • Delegates decide the candidates at party conventions
  • Delegates decide on priority issues.
  • Stand up for your values. 

Project Caucus Pre-Registration

Have some reservations about doing politics again? Women’s Work Utah is a nonprofit that’s here to help you think it through. Our training series can build familiarity with caucus and courage to jump in.