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Women belong anywhere and everywhere decisions are made.

Right now, your voice is needed at your Neighborhood Caucus on March 5, 2023

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About Our Organization

We believe that Utah women have an alternative route to political influence beyond the ballot box. We are a multi-partisan, multi- denominational, multi-generational grassroots organization designed to access that alternative route to influence by educating, uniting and empowering Utah women.  Our mission is to gather the collective diversity and lived experience of Utah women to ignite political power, civic engagement and political action.

We believe anyone—you!—can (and should) make a difference.

What We’re Doing

We’re focused on getting more women involved in the important conversations that affect their lives. Studies show that when women participate in decision-making:

  • Businesses become more profitable
  • Education becomes more accessible
  • Governments become more compassionate
  • Nations become less violent

Gender inclusivity benefits not only businesses, but also churches, state legislatures, city councils, the state government, and society at large. There are innumerable benefits to attracting, retaining, promoting, and empowering women. Getting more women involved is central to meeting Utah’s current and future needs and keeping our economy thriving. When women sit at the table, everyone prospers. 

Yet Utah has been ranked dead last—50th out of the 50 states—year after year for women’s equality. Utah has never had a woman representative in the U.S. Senate, and usually has no elected women in Congress. Only 25% of Utah’s legislators are women, and even fewer—20%—of Utah’s state-elected officials are women.

We believe that our government “by the people” works best when all voices are represented, and that lasting change begins at the grassroots level. This is why we’re focused on helping Utah voters participate in their government at its most fundamental level: the bi-annual neighborhood caucus meeting. 


Educational Resources on the importance of civic participation and how government works


Project Caucus

Neighborhood Party Caucuses are where political action in the state of Utah begins.

Civic Education

Civic Education is vital to our democracy. With it, democracy thrives. Without it, democracy dies.

Who We are: The Women’s Work Board

We are women from all political parties, all ages, all walks of life, and all parts of Utah joining hands to make change happen. Our mission is to ignite the collective power of Utah women’s lived experience to empower civic engagement and political action.

Deborah Sigman


Deborah Burney-Sigman, PhD is a consultant based in Salt Lake City, UT with a background in environmental advocacy, political organizing, mediation, and research science.

Gina Timmerman


Community activist and organizer.
Currently serves several community organizations in Weber County including the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. Board member at Utah Women Run.
Long term resident of the Wasatch Front and retired from the Utah Department of Human Services.

Patti Cook

Patti Cook is committed to community outreach and advocacy efforts. She found her political voice as a graduate of The Women’s Leadership Political Development Series. Since then, she’s advocated for people to engage in political processes and has taught hundreds of individuals how to advocate for themselves. Having taught classes at the Utah Capitol as well as speaking throughout the Wasatch Front, Patti is passionate about engaging the public in the political process.

Patti is passionate about education, advocacy, and women’s issues, especially the intersection of women in business and politics. She has a Bachelor’s from Brigham Young University and a Master’s Degree from Weber State University. She is married with three children.

Dr. Susan R. MADSEN

Dr. Susan R. Madsen is considered one of the top global scholars and thought leaders on the topic of women’s leadership, has authored or edited nine books, and has published hundreds of articles, chapters, and reports. Her research has been cited in the U.S. News and World Report, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Washington Post. She is also a regular contributor to Forbes and other local and state newspapers.

Professor Madsen is the Karen Haight Huntsman Endowed Professor of Leadership in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University and serves on many nonprofit and community boards. She is also the Founding Director of the Utah Women & Leadership Project, and her passion is to strengthen the impact of girls and women in Utah and worldwide.

Alisa Allred

Alisa Allred Mercer has extensive experience with community building and volunteer coordination.  She has worked with various non-profit and political organizations and campaigns.  She believes that the optimal functioning of government involves wide participation from a diverse array of individuals.  Alisa is currently running for the Davis County School Board.

Neka Roundy

Neka Roundy Is active in the Republican Party as a Precinct Chair and serves as a board member for the Utah Federation of Republican Women. She was elected as the first female mayor in Kaysville City. Her professional career was with Davis County Community and Economic Development and Tourism. She has served on several boards and commissions and currently is a board member with Friends of Antelope Island.

Deondra Brown

Deondra Brown is a concert pianist with the musical group The 5 Browns. She has recorded 8 albums, several of which held the top spot of the Billboard Classical Chart for consecutive weeks. She has performed in elite venues all over the world.

Deondra’s personal experiences with child abuse have led to advocating for victims of child abuse and sexual violence. She is a strong believer in prevention efforts and is proud to work with Prevent Child Abuse Utah. Deondra serves as vice-chair for Utah’s Behavioral Health
Crisis Response Commission, a Legislative-appointed committee, and co-chairs the Utah Coalition for Protecting Childhood. She is also a board member of the State Advisory Board on Children’s Justice.

Deondra received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The Juilliard School in New York City, and was bestowed an honorary doctorate degree from Utah Valley University for her musical and humanitarian work.

Kimberly Wagner at the Capitol

Kimberly Wagner

Kimberly Harris Wagner has an M.A. in political science and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior, both from UCLA. While raising her family in Fruit Heights, she’s been actively involved in her community. She ran for the state legislature in 2022 as a United Utah Party candidate and currently serves on the party’s executive committee. She’s an involved member of MWEG (Mormon Women for Ethical Government), has been a volunteer for Lifting Hands International, has served many terms on local schools’ Community Councils, and is pleased to be part of Women’s Work Utah’s efforts to amplify women’s voices in the public arena.

Lorraine Brown


Lorraine Brown is a lifelong advocate for women and children and a champion for Constitutional democracy. Lorraine is a family law attorney and owner of Utah Legal Advocates.  She has worked closely with Family Promise of Ogden for many years.  She is a 3-time candidate for the Utah Legislature, former secretary of the Weber County GOP and president of Weber County Republican Women  She and her husband, Edward Brown, are the parents of 11 children and serve as humanitarian missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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What’s Happening Now

When women participate in decision-making processes, businesses thrive, education becomes more accessible, governments are more compassionate, and nations become less violent. Join us in our mission to empower civic engagement and political action, because when women are at the table, everyone prospers. Women belong anywhere and everywhere decisions are being made.