“I’m passionate about water and running in the mountains. I’m just as passionate about being involved in my community. For my entire life, I have been an active citizen, learning about our challenges and doing my part to make our community better for my family and my neighbors. I live in a small town, Alpine, and I’ve been involved in things like the preservation of Lambert Park to serving on the town’s Planning Commission. Utah has a caucus system that works at the grassroots level to nominate delegates. These delegates are critical in determining which candidates will appear on the ballot. While many may disagree with this system, that’s how it works, and I want to have a say. I want to represent other families and neighbors that feel like I do. I encourage my like-minded neighbors to attend our caucus meetings and support me as a delegate. Has there been discord and opposition to me? Certainly, but I don’t let that deter me because I feel I am making a difference. You can, too!  You can get involved. You can attend your caucus and voice your opinion. You can bring along your family and neighbors.  The greater the involvement, the better the outcome.”  – Jeff Davis, Alpine